Flavor of the Month

I enjoy hearing people laud and bemoan the latest gadgets. The flavor of the month is Google’s Nexus 7. This 7″ tablet is cheap, fast and the first Android tablet without major usability issues. Already the tech community seems to be lining up on one side or another to either praise or bury this device. It is difficult to separate many of these devices from the expectations that come with them. And whether or not those expectations align with your own.

A Rubric for “Writing On Demand” in Every Content Area

“We have a nation of basic writers,” Angela Peery and Lisa Cebelak concluded from seeing years of flat scores on the NAEP assessment for writing. Their ASCD Annual Conference presentation (The “Core” Gets Us Back to Our Roots: Academic Writing) gave attendees hope, however, that Common Core State Standards will catalyze instruction that reverses this trend. For starters, the new standards provide clarity on the type of writing that students most need to learn, to be successful in college and career: argument. In fact, argumentative writing is the first writing standard, and that’s a big shift away from the narrative and...

Weekend Reader on Homework

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