Makerspace All The Things

Every conference I’ve attended in the last year and a half has offered a session on Makerspaces. For the uninitiated, Makerspaces are places were community members can plan and create projects. Many of these spaces have an engineering design focus where participants can use tools to build creations. A better overview of Makerspaces is documented here: The attention given to finding ways to empower kids and adults to create projects is awesome. It gets at the heart of what Seymour Papert called Constructivism, where a learner actively creates understanding through experience and reflection. The number and variety of these spaces are growing geometrically (my favorite...

The Hard Way

Alan November said that a good conference will lead to more questions than answers. By that measure, BLC14 is shaping up to be a great conference. Today was highlighted by Chris Lehmann, Darren Kuropatwa, and Julia Leong. Each one of these presenters emphasized process and conversation over tools. None of them offered simple answers. Each one highlighted the complexity of the issues facing education. Even though they pointed to the long road ahead, I was somewhat relieved that they were on the same road I wanted to travel.

Digital Literacy and Context

Computers and the Internet have provided a blank slate to create. Lacking one single governing authority, sites have the freedom to create communities in the ways they see fit. With each new site conventions crop up are meaningful to the users of the community. The convention while useful to that community, doesn’t always have usefulness beyond that community. A hashtag on Twitter helps organize information, while on Facebook it looks out of place. Using that convention well demonstrates savvy behavior, but may have limited use beyond the context of that site. It is the context and usefulness that should help...

Weekend Reader on Homework

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